Family Services

    Trilogy offers services to families who have a loved one who is struggling with substance use.


    Substance use and addiction impacts the entire family.


    Provide support, education, and hope.


    Individual Support

    Counseling: for individual family members who have a loved one struggling with use Trilogy offers the ability to meet and enhance mental health wellness through professional guidance utilizing psychological methods. 

    Family Peer Support: an individualized family meeting to learn more about problem use, dependence, and addiction, information on alcohol and other drugs, and/or support in developing a family plan.

    Referrals: referrals are made when the needs of the family fall outside the scope of services provided at Trilogy, such as family counseling, parenting plans, at-risk youth petitions, etc.

    Groups & Classes

    Family Support Group: an open group for parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends of someone struggling with alcohol and other drug use to have the opportunity to share their experiences, listen to other’s stories, and know that they are not alone. As families learn how to help their loved ones and move forward with their own lives, hope is reignited through building a compassionate, non-judgmental support system.

    Community Reinforcement & Family Training (CRAFT): a closed, evidence-based support group for families to learn how to provide support for loved ones struggling with substance use and motivate them to go to treatment, while also learning to care for oneself. This is currently a closed group. 

    Grief Group: a support group for individuals or families who have lost a loved one to substance use or related mental health issues. Once this group starts it becomes a closed group due to privacy and as the curriculum builds each session. This is currently a closed group. 

    Substance Use 101 for Families: Informational class for parents of a youth involved in the Diversion program at the Walla Walla Juvenile Justice Center (JJC). The purpose of this class is to inform and educate parents about the information covered in the Substance Use 101 class. This is a closed group offered to parents who’s children are involved in the Diversion program.