About Us

Trilogy’s board, staff, interns and volunteers seek to be of service to those seeking and grappling with recovery. There is no pretense as to where a person should be when they engage with Trilogy. Our goal is very simple:

  1. Meet the individual or family where they are in the change process
  2. Explore with them where they seek to be
  3. Help them determine if what they are currently doing is moving them closer or further away from that goal, and
  4. If their consensus is that they feel they are not moving forward but would like to, we stand and walk with them towards their goal for change

Taking these steps is what we refer to as the recovery journey. Trilogy is here for the long run, whether that’s supporting an individual’s recovery from a substance use and/or a mental health disorder or from the impact of loving someone struggling with these conditions.

We are people in recovery. We are allies of those in recovery. We are individuals that want to be a part of the solution and break the silence that tell us that we should persistently carry shame and guilt for being a person in recovery or loving someone who is. We seek to confront the negative stigma associated with the diseases of addiction. We seek to empower, education, advocate, teach skills and techniques, network, partner, collaborate, refer, outreach, and provide the opportunity for one to process elements that might be getting in the way of recovery.

At Trilogy, in addition to endorsing the 11 basic rights outlined in The Recovery Bill Of Rights, our core value statements are the building blocks that make us who we are:


We foster respectful, courteous, co-equal relationships with those seeking help.


We demonstrate our compassion through empathetic listening, kindness, and acceptance.


We act with transparency, honor confidences, and behave at all times in an honest, ethical manner.


We believe that, no matter the challenge, we all have the capacity to improve our lives and our relationships.

Every person has intrinsic value. They deserve to be treated as such. At the end of the day they represent our grandparent, parent, sibling, cousin, aunt, uncle, partner, child, or friend. They each deserve the best chance to succeeding in their recovery. Trilogy is here to help. 

Reference: https://www.samhsa.gov/recovery