How Trilogy helps families:

  • Family Support Groups (every Tuesday from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m.)
  • CRAFT (Community Reinforcement Approach & Family Training) groups
  • Educational handouts
  • Lending library
  • Information and referral (counseling, in-patient and outpatient treatment, extended care, long-term/low-cost residential facilities)
  • Compassion, empathy, support – "we walk in your shoes"

We come to Trilogy because we have a family member, usually a child, who has fallen into addiction. We come here because we need someone to talk to about the tragedy that has taken place in our lives, and we've overwhelmed our friends and families with this conversation already. We come here because it is a safe place to say what we need to say--our words will be met with support, not blame.

We also come to Trilogy because we can seek and offer advice here. While we respect each member's rights to speak without interruption, we also seek the advice and wisdom of others who are surviving this shared experience. We come to find out if we are on the right track and what has worked with others.

We come to Trilogy to remind ourselves that we are surviving just by being here. Addiction is frustrating and confounding, but we are living each day despite this challenge. We remind ourselves that if we can survive this experience and still place one foot after the other, then our addicted family member can as well.

There are many masks of addiction and I need to put a face to it.  I am the mother of a recovering addict. Trilogy’s commitment to family has saved my life.  My family has been dealing with my son’s addiction for the last 6 years.  Drug addiction devastates the entire family with its lies, deceit and fear.  I fell into Trilogy by accident but with the resources and knowledge that was available we got my son into treatment.  Through education and understanding we can begin to understand this horrible disease we call addiction.  I call Trilogy my recovery place.  The focus is to get the family well and to give them hope.  Sometimes that is all it takes to get on the road to recovery.  Hope. - Sandy

My 10-year-old son Blake came home from school the other day and told me that one of his friends told him that his dad smoked weed. Blake’s friend went on to say that smoking weed at least once makes you a man. “No, it doesn't,” Blake responded. It scared me to think how young he is still.  We are not going to live in fear, but we are living in the reality of the world.  The threat is real.  It walks up to you in the elementary school playground!   Trilogy has helped me with facts and compassion. - Linda and Blake Morris

Trilogy Recovery Community
120 East Birch Street, Suite 14 
Walla Walla, WA, 99362

P: 509.876.4525
F: 509.591.9911

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