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Marla Morrell

Board President

Marla Morrell, who attended high school in Colfax, Washington, has been working in the banking industry for the past 34 years. She currently serves as a Vice President and Consumer Loan Officer at Baker Boyer Bank. Besides acting as the President of the Trilogy board, Marla is involved with her faith community, Life Church. Affected by her son's disease of addiction for 17 years, Marla came to Trilogy through the Family Support Group in 2005. She is convinced that educating families, helping friends and family members find services for their using loved ones, and modeling self-care are all vital components to recovery. "Trilogy has given me hope in some of my darkest moments," Marla says. "I believe in the Trilogy mission and have seen it work first hand." Marla's hobbies include baking, riding motorcycles, and spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.
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Ernie Filan

Ernie is a board member for Trilogy Recovery Community. He is also a member of Walla 2 Grain Growers, Pea and Lentil Association, and Church Assembly of God (25 years). When Ernie is not attending meetings he is busy working as a Wheat Farmer and at Garbonzos in Washington and Oregon. Ernie has attended both Walla Walla High School and Walla Walla Community College. He has been married for 40 years and has 1 child. The reason why Ernie joined Trilogy Recovery Community’s board is because his son had passed away due to a heroin overdose, which made him want to make a difference in helping those with addictions.
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Lenna Buissink

Lenna Buissink, from Pullman, Washington, studied Elementary Education and History at Washington State University before becoming an elementary school teacher in Walla Walla. She retired in 2001, coming to Trilogy through her help in the facilitation of the first Family Support Group housed at St. Patrick's in 2006. When the board formed in 2010, Lenna was a shoe-in member, serving in the capacity of secretary until 2012. Lenna also volunteers in the Walla Walla community through her role on the Human Services Advisory Board. She believes Trilogy is making huge strides in educating youth about substance use, challenging the stigma associated with addiction, and touching the lives of its youth and family members for good. In her free time, Lenna volunteers at an assisted living facilited at lunch times providing both vocabulary words and trivia questions. Lenna enjoys reading and watching Cougar football. She has two grown children and cares for her pet dog.


Hall Grimes

Board Treasurer

Hall Grimes serves as the Director of Providence St. Mary Regional Cancer Center and on the board of Trilogy as treasurer. He studied Economics and Psychology at the University of Puget Sound and received an MBA from Claremont Graduate University. In his spare time, Hall enjoys golfing and gardening.
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Elizabeth Guerra

Board Vice President

Elizabeth Guerra first moved to Walla Walla in 1998 to work at the Blue Mountain Action Council in the community services division. In 2004, she left to attend Gonzaga School of Law. After earning her JD, she moved to Seattle and worked in the field of civil rights. In 2013, she returned to Walla Walla and to BMAC. She is now the Director of Community Services working with programs for homeless families, parents seeking jobs and adult literacy. Elizabeth is committed to the work of Trilogy because Trilogy enlists the community, families and young people together to address the devastating effects of drug and alcohol use on the developing brain.

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Patrick Carman

Patrick Carman has 4 million books in print in 20+ languages across dozens of titles. He is known in the creative community as a top leader in 21st century story development and marketing and has spoken on the TED stage about the confluence of books and technology. In the past decade, he has created some of the most iconic multimedia reading brands in the world including Skeleton Creek, 39 Clues, and Voyagers. Mr. Carman is currently developing his projects with Harper Collins, Scholastic, Penguin Random House, and Little Brown Books for Young Readers. In Hollywood, Patrick works with studios and production companies including Cartoon Network, Amazon, Disney, Bunim/Murray, Saban, Intrepid Pictures, and many others. 2/3rd’s of his 35 book library are in some stage of development. Before writing full time beginning in 2003, Patrick spent a decade in advertising and five years running technology start-ups.
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Norrie Gregoire

Norrie Gregoire has sat on Trilogy's board of directors since its inception in 2010. After attending secondary school in Walla Walla and studying Sociology at Whitman College, he became Juvenile Detention Manager at the Juvenile Justice Center in Walla Walla. Also involved with Friends of the Children of Walla Walla, a mentoring organization, Norrie sees Trilogy as singular in the Walla Walla community, providing critical recovery support services to youth and families who may have no other opportunity to access such support. Norrie lives with his wife, Lucy, and their three children, Emma, Sophia, and Nels.

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Vicki Johnson


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Kathy Ketcham


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