Faces of Recovery Walla Walla

 In partnership with the talented Adrien Rosamond of Slippery Slope Photography, Trilogy is proud to present: Faces of Recovery Walla Walla.

Addiction has no cure, but it does have a solution: Recovery. There are over 23 million people living and thriving in long-term recovery in the United States and through this blog, we will highlight the many local faces and stories of recovery of individuals in our beautiful town of Walla Walla.


Bailey's Story 

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The first time I really did drugs as a means to escape from things and not just recreationally, I was 17. I had moved out on my own when I was 16, and I was on a really high dose of antidepressants and my stepmom took me off my dad’s insurance without me knowing it. So I went to go get my prescription and I was on a really high dose of Wellbutrin, went to go get my prescription and they didn’t have it for me. They said, “Well you don’t have insurance, so it’ll be a couple hundred dollars”, which at 17 years old I didn’t have. I’d been around drugs, it wasn’t my thing, again smart kid, hanging out with older people, but I started going through withdrawals from the antidepressants and having brain zaps. Smoking two hits of heroin would make it all go away. So I said okay, I’m only going to do this until I can get my pills again. At this point I didn’t really know what was going on. I didn’t have contact with my dad and my step-mom; I didn’t know that I’d been taken off the insurance. All I knew is I couldn’t get my pills. And again, thought I was too smart to become an addict.

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Lenna's Story 

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 My kids performed an intervention, and at that point I realized how much I had let my kids down, and how I had lost their trust. They sent me to treatment and I thought, “Okay, this has become a problem for them as well as me.” I never did see it as a problem, until I looked back on it. At the time I thought I was doing okay; I was holding down a good job and drinking only after work and on the weekends. I thought I had control of it but obviously I didn’t, so it was letting my kids down knowing I had blown it.

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Riley's Story

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I think I was attracted to the potential for having fun. I was always more attracted to alcohol than other drugs. I was always kind of lured into it, and I felt like there was some appeal to this idea that it would be very fun to get drunk. And then I tried it and I liked it, and so I kept doing it because it felt good, I liked it.

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